Houses of Tove Jansson

  • Tove Jansson

    Tove Jansson (1914–2001) was a Swedish-speaking writer and artist from Finland whose illustrated books for children, and fiction for adults, have become famous throughout the world. She is best known as the creator of the Moomin stories for children – as well as the Moomin comic strips and picture books that followed – and for The Summer Book, a novel widely considered a classic of Nordic fiction. Yet she excelled in many different literary and artistic forms, achieving early fame as a promising young painter and cartoonist, and, later, as the author of novels and short stories, poems, and plays for radio and theatre. She even wrote songs.

    Tove Jansson’s approach to work, just like her approach to life, was wholehearted and vital. She would strive for originality and freshness, creating prose and pictures imbued with colours, a talent for storytelling, and values that were both humane and inclusive. Her love of nature is a constant theme, especially of the sea that surrounded the Finnish island where she spent her summers.

    Tove Marika Jansson was born on August 9, 1914 and died on June 27, 2001. Her grave is situated at Hietaniemi cemetery in Helsinki, Finland.

  • Moomin Characters

    Moomin Characters Oy Ltd is the official copyright holder of all the Moomin characters. All characters from Moominvalley are trademark registered worldwide. The company was founded in the 1950’s by Tove Jansson (1914-2001) and her brother Lars Jansson to manage of the copyright of the Moomins and is still run by family members. Rights and Brands is the worldwide licensing agent of the company.

  • The Community

    The Community is a multidisciplinary, new-generation art institution. Founded in Paris in 2016, The Community sought a shared space to enable collaboration across different artistic disciplines.

    The Community works as a curatorial unit within its own exhibition space, The Community Centre, and hors-les-murs with estates, galleries, institutions, universities, foundations, collections, and varying international exhibition projects. The ongoing exhibition program highlights multidisciplinary thinking and establishes a nonconforming dialogue between established and emerging artists. Over the last seven years, The Community and its initiatives have brought together more than 350 artists from over 40 countries. In 2019, The Community inaugurated the Salon de Normandy, an annual collaborative and interdisciplinary non-profit art fair parallel to FIAC Art Week. Gathering international projects, galleries, exhibition spaces, art and fashion projects, publishers, and emerging music labels, the Salon de Normandy offers a different model for the customary structure of art fairs.

    Exploring the notion of the new institution, The Community Centre in Pantin - Paris plays host to and explores the shifting intersections between cultural and social activities. The iconic example of Black Mountain College is a timeless reference to interdisciplinary approaches and experimental environments whose legacy The Community continues developing and adapting to the present and future.